No Diet and No Exercise Follow The Great Tips, How to Lose Weight quickly


No Diet and No Exercise Follow The Great Tips, How to Lose Weight quickly


How to lose wight

Are you worried about how to lose weight which is being increased day by day? You probably have been told to do lots of exercises and calorie diets & thinking how to lose weight. Let me tell you guys that all these techniques are wrong. It’s not all about a daily dose of calories or plenty of tough exercises. You can lose your weight significantly within days by following these simple tips. So let’s begin:

  1. Never count calories every day

The first step of how to lose weight I would like to advise you is that never count calories in your diet so precisely. Sometimes there is a food with more calorie but nothing to do with diet than why you should avoid eating it?. Yes, calories are most important factors in the diet. But it does not mean that you have to think about them every time.

  1. Eat when you are hungry

Only eat when you are hungry. It is not a good idea to go for a dinner or lunch early. Ask your body, if it really needs food at that time? If yes go for it. Otherwise, wait until you are hungry.

  1. Never eat when you are not hungry

This point relates to above one, but it actually means that sometimes you may be invited to a party or function surprisingly. If you are not hungry than avoid eating. Excuse your host.

  1. Avoid fruits

Some people prefer to fruits than food during diet, weight lose which is a bad habit. Fruits have more calories than simple veggie food. Try to eat less fruit than using it as a substitute for food.

  1. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are the major factor in increasing weight. There are plenty of chemicals I these sweeteners which hazardous to health. So instead of advising to avoid, I would recommend you to say goodbye artificial sweeteners forever if you want to be slim and smart.

  1. Take it easy, never take tensions

Tensions are the major factor to immunize our body with fatty chemicals. Stress not only affects our mental health but also fitness and body health. Stay calm in worries of life. Avoid anger over common mistakes of life. Take it easy and be a smart person.

  1. Sleep more than average

Sometimes it is thought that sleeping more gains the weight, which is not true. Healthy peopl should sleep at least 8 hours a day. If it is possible you should sleep more hours than the normal.

  1. Sniff the fruits and through away your hunger

Yes, it is possible to satisfy your need for food and hunger by sniffing some fruits. The study shows that if you sniff an apple or banana when you are hungry, you will feel like you have eaten the required food. So try it whenever possible.

  1. Stay focused on blue color

The blue color is most appetizing color. When you stare at blue color, the hunger for food becomes much less. So try to focus on blue color. The restaurants and hotels often use blue color so that the customer may eat less food and pay more than what he had eaten.

  1. Serve in blue color

As written in above point, the blue color decreases the hunger. Therefore try to use the blue color pots and plates etc. Serve in blue color

  1. Avoid bright colors

Bright colors increase the hunger. Therefore avoid staring at Red, Yellow or Orange colors more often.

  1. See yourself while eating, eat in front of the mirror

It is very interesting point by the way. When you are in front of a mirror while eating you will surely hesitate. You will be more attentive to your vision than food. It also means that you will consume much less food than normally you can.

  1. Write daily about your food

Buy a short notepad. Write the daily food items you have consumed in meals. This habit is very helpful when you are on a diet. Your notepad will become your diet companion and will tell you what you have eaten and what you should avoid eating.

  1. Put your spoon down while eating

Put your spoon and cook down while you are eating. This is a good habit to temper your hunger and creates patience in you while eating. When you have spoons in your hand, you will use it more frequently. But if you habitually put it down without even being noticed by yourself then you will have a good control on your hunger.

  1. Decrease at least one hour of watching TV

When you stick to the TV, it decreases your body metabolism. A study shows that fewer fats are burned and more are created when you constantly stare at the TV. So try to decrease at least one hour of TV watching daily. This will benefit you a lot while losing weight.

  1. Eat more spicy food to lose weight

Wait a minute, more spice means more carbohydrates and proteins than why I recommend you to eat more?. The answer is that I have used the word “Spice”. Yes, spices are the main cause to burn fats and gain metabolism in the body. This concludes that spicy food will lead to weight loss.

  1. Brush up your teeth every day

17 tip of how to lose weight is Doctors recommend brushing teeth every day. You should brush up your teeth at least after the dinner.

  1. Have breakfast like kings and dinner like beggars

18 tip of how to lose weight is There is proverb associated with a saint Sufi of Islam, which states that “ Do the breakfast like you are a king but have a dinner like beggars”. Let me assure you guys that this is the best advice so far to lose your weight. Many of us inversely do it, therefore, we are suffering from weight gain.

  1. Use small plates

19 tip of how to lose weight is The larger volume contains a large quantity of meal. Use small plates while eating.

  1. Be less moderate and more conventional

Moderation has benefits but with side effects. Try to live a simple life as you can. moderated food and moderated gadgets are the major cause of gaining weight.

  1. Try supplementary food

Here come the calories. If you want to lose your weight rapidly than you should eat supplementary food rather than the regular food. Supplementary food will provide you the required amount of minerals, vitamins, and proteins needed for the body to grow naturally.

  1. Avoid nuts

22 tip of how to lose weight is The dry fruits contain much of the energy than the regular food. You can eat the good amount of dry fruits easily but it is very difficult to digest them frequently. It takes time to appetize them. Therefore try to avoid nuts available out there as dry fruits.

  1. Avoid dairy products

Dairy products like milk, butter and curd etc contain enough carbohydrates and fats. These products are necessary at initial age but with the passage of time, they become the main cause of gaining weight. Therefore try to avoid dairy products as much as can.

  1. Try to eat natural fruits

Every fruit is natural, but not always. Sometimes they are contaminated with different types of chemicals and sprays. Real and natural food are very hard to eat than the fruits commonly available in markets. Try to find natural fruits.

  1. An Egg a day keeps the weight gain away

Eat an egg daily for your breakfast. This habit will cause losing your weight at a rapid pace.

  1. Drink coffee especially black coffee

26 tip of how to lose weight is Coffee contains caffeine in it which is the main cause of metabolism. Do not add sugar to it. If possible try to drink black coffee.

  1. No coffee at PM times

It takes lots of time to consume a caffeine for a human body. Therefore it may be hazardous to drink coffee after 12 pm.

  1. Avoid drinking beer

Beer is considered as much less harmful than champagne or wine. But the addition of beer gains weight. Try to avoid beer.

  1. Drink green tea

Green tea also contains caffeine in it. So if you do not like coffee, drink green tea.

  1. Cook your meal with coconut oil

Cooking oils and siege are major sources of fats. Avoid using other oils and use coconut oil only to cook your meal.

  1. Eat the food which contains more water

Water-rich foods not only provide enough energy but also keep you away from harmful ingredients.

  1. Make 90 percent meal at home

Hoteling should be reduced as much as possible. Try to make your meals at home. At least 90 percent of your meals should be prepared at home.

  1. Surf 10 minutes of stairs daily

Now, this the point where we come to the exercise. If you have stairs at home than surf at least 10 minutes daily on it going up and down.

  1. Walk 5 minutes every two hours

The walk is suggested by every nutrition and doctor. But you should walk periodically not at once. Walk 5 minutes after every two hours.

  1. Use step tracker

Modern smartphones have step trackers by default. Try using them.

  1. Lift weight

Lifting weight is the best exercise to lose weight. Try it at home.

  1. Avoid white food

White foods are harmful to your body when you are on a diet. Try to avoid white foods.

  1. Eat fiber

Fiber is a major source of energy and growth. But it does not have any side effects like gaining weight. Therefore eat fiber in your daily meal.

  1. More proteins than other carbohydrates

Same is the case with parties. They work on two-way strategy, covering the nutrition and losing the weight.

  1. Leave your diet, eat healthily

And last but not least, diet is not much important when you want to lose weight. In fact, it is the will and some daily habits who works. Eat healthy meals in your daily routine keeping in mind the above-written advice.

This is all of it guys. All of the above-written points are just simple and normal habits you should try to lose your weight.

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