Hydrocephalus Treatment and Diagnosis – Fluid On The Brain

Hydrocephalus Treatment and Diagnosis

Fluid On The Brain

What is hydrocephalus and Fluid On The Brain:

Moderate hydrocephalus is known as fluid on the brain or water in the brain. It is a condition that the extra cerebro spinal water around the spinal cord or brain. Today we discuss about Hydrocephalus Treatment and Diagnosis and Fluid On The Brain.

Basically it is divided in two different types from the birth (congenital) or shows later (acquired).

1.     Congenital hydrocephalus:

It is starts from the birth or during in pregnancy. It will appear when the brain structures develop abnormally. Its main cause is normally unknown but it can may be a genetics problem or some infection occur in the pregnancy.

2.     Acquired hydrocephalus

It is the result of some injuries or illness that show on birth or after birth. It include infection in the brain or spinal cord(meningitis), also cause bleeding(hemorrhage) blood vessels in brain, some head injuries, brain cancer/tumor/cysts. Sometimes it is appear without all these above causes.

The more type of hydrocephalus is normal pressure hydrocephalus. It is communicate with hydrocephalus that the ventricles are too large not in high pressure.its normal pressure is show on the adults because of the injury or some illness cases.we will disscus about hydrocephalus in adult.and also hydrocephalus in babies.we will disscuss about what causes hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus during in the pregnancy:

Some premature babies born in after 34 week these are having the high risk factor of blood vessels bleeding in the brain.

If you are pregnant and your coming newborn baby suffering from this disease then you will go to the doctor to get a proper checkup through ultrasound tests. Normally it is occur at the 5 month of pregnancy when the baby has become fully developed. At this stage sometimes it’s difficult decide that  to continue or terminate your pregnancy its depends on the baby condition and also your doctor’s recommendation.

Symptoms in the infants:

  • Large head
  • Soft spot on the top of skull
  • Irritating
  • Delaying development

Symptoms in adults and children:

  • Serve Headache
  • Walking difficult
  • Lose playing ability
  • Personality changes
  • Mentally child or decrease abilities.
  • Vomiting

Hydrocephalus treatment:

We share you that can hydrocephalus be treated with drugs.The hydrocephalus treatment is usually depends on its condition. Normally the production of fluid is treated with medications. But it is not proven long term treatment. The yoga for Hydrocephalus is also best treatment

Hydrocephalus my own story:

Basically its my own story so that I will discuss to you when I was pregnant  with my first baby boy I had suffered from hydrocephalus to my baby. Doctors recommend me that you should terminate the pregnancy when I was 5 month pregnant but I had continue my pregnancy without any fear and also highly trusted that God help me. My this passion has become successful that I have now with my child. He is fully a normal child playing walking etc. But behind whole journey I will recommend to you some naturally treatment of this harmful disease if you are pregnant and suffering it disease.

 Naturally Treatment:


  • Eat too much of Watermelon
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take those food which have fully potassium
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetables juice
  • Green tea
  • Almond
  • Brown rice


I found that watermelon is most beneficial to decrease the risk factor of moderate hydrocephalus.

Drink plenty of water:

It will decrease the sign of moderate hydrocephalus


So you know that about the causes, symptom and the treatment of moderate hydrocephalus. Hope that this article is very helpful for you.

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