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How To Start Amazon Affiliate Program


How To start & Latest Techniques of Affiliate Marketing With Amazon or Affiliate Program

It seems true that online earning is a major business.With the help of amazon affiliate program online earning is the best way to earn money online and also earn too much income through it.There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs available out there. In this article,we will know that how to start an affiliate marketing program by getting the links from affiliate networks. Firstly,we will know that what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of work  based on marketing  and you will get the commission through promoted product/service to your visitors. it is look like a localized marketing that we have to see in our daily life. But but also a bit with some differences. In affiliate marketing, you will choose those type of  products which you want to sell and gain commission. Then to sign up for affiliate program that offers commission on the product which will select. The sign-up process is very simple.After signing up the process, you will receive a link and you will share it with your audiences or customers. If a person buy a product from the following link that is given from you then you will get a commission. It looks very simple. Follow these all steps carefully and you will be a successful affiliate marketer.

How amazon affiliate program works

Mostly people want to know about amazon affiliate program As we know that the company or individual of the product/service you are selling, give a unique link to customer. They have to be sure that the customer is buying their product from the following link which is given by you. there is a a lot of techniques  Let’s discuss them one by one:


The common thing which you must know that amazon affiliate program work on tracking to use of cookie A cookie is based on a script which lead the information of the user to the site.When the site user visits the page or link, a small size of file is installed on his computer/PC. This file is called a cookie.

IP address

IP address an abbreviation of Internet Protocol. You will must know before joining the amazon affiliate program.An IP address is assign to every website. Usually, these IP addresses are dedicated.


But there is another type of  IP(internet protocol) address which is called chared IP. This shared IP is also used for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Email use

Email is oldest and classical way of marketing. It is also used for affiliate marketing. The use of email can provides the data to the specific person to a link providing company. This method is not related to this article.so will move on to specific kind of details to amazon affiliate program.

Must knowledge difficulty needed for amazon affiliate program & Markeeting

Affiliate marketing or program does not need any type of technical knowledge or requirement. It is very Simple, basic and common way of earning online. Therefore you will don’t worry about online working.

How much amount can earned by an affiliate marketing or amazon affiliate program

As an affiliate marketer or amazon affiliate program you may be earn from zero dollar to millions of dollars. There is no barrier. It depends on your promotion,number of visitors you will get normal, and the other marketing techniques is also required. If you expert in search engine optimization SEO techniques,then it will be a  plus point for you and basic source of  increasing the earning mostly double.

Become an affiliate marketer with amazone

Come to the point of  article,that how to become an affiliate marketer.To become an affiliate marketer you will  select a product. There are a following three types of affiliate marketing you want to choose.

Product marketing with amazone

Actually its a physical product marketing for affiliate marketing there are thousands of products available there . Physical product means that any type of material object which is provide physically to customers. Amazon started its business with online selling. And now it is the largest company in the world having billions of dollars and assets. Amazon provides all types of affiliate marketing facilities to its customers also. Let’s know how you can start your field as an affiliate marketer from Amazon.

amazon affiliate program

Amazon provides the largest amazon affiliate program of the world.You will  sign up first on Amazon then you will search the required object/product that you will want to sell to get a commission.

Choose wisely

You should search and pick the product wisely. If they giving more commission on different products, it  dosn’t means that you should definitely go for those product. You should keep in mind of your audiences. And also your interests and priorities. For example, I like tours so much and mostly my online friends like traveling also. Basically,I have made the circle of friends who like tours to many other sites.To choose a product for affiliate marketing amazone I will absolutely pick the touring equipment like ruk-secks, Touring bags… My followers will like and I will have a 100% chance to get a commission.

The process with Amazon – amazon affiliate program

when you were signing up then you will see associate marketing link of amazon at top of the site Click it and also search for the product keep in mind the above written advice. For example, if I searching the joggers, they will show me many different types of  products that are related to tracking joggers. After selecting the required type of brand I will go for the option of  Get the Text Link or banner link. This link is specifically associated with me only. Now I am copy this link or text or image banner and share with my circle. If any of my friends buy these joggers, I will get the commission by Amazon in return.

The commission rates on Amazon

The commission rate on Amazon may vary. Normally they are 1% to 10%. There are a some products that offers to more than 10 percent  but these are available very rarely. The rate structure of Amazon is complex. Amazon offer more than percent of commission in the Fashion and luxury items. The commission is given on video games basically which are only 1 percent.Mostly Amazon gives 4% commission on many different items.

The pros of affiliate marketing with Amazon

The main advantage of Amazon is best for the beginners. Basically it is the best package. It is easy to affiliate. And also one the world largest affiliate program out affiliate networking. Due to largest delivery of Amazon, there are to much of chances that you may to earn  a good pace.

The cons of Affiliate marketing, program with Amazon.

The main drawback of Amazon is to offers the commission in a fix average. It does’nt matter that you will have to thousands of buyers in every month or only one. They will give you the commission at a fixed rate. With the help of this mostly people will start earning very soon from Amazon, but only a few of people can earn thousands of dollars. Another is, Amazon use the cookie for a 24 hours. Which means that the link those provide to you will be expired in 24 hours. So if any person makes a transaction following  links after 24 hours,then it means that you will not get any commission. There are some other companies who provide the links for almost 60 to 90 days.

Signing up for Amazon

The sign-up process is very simple. There is a department of the company which is called “Amazon Associates”. You may visit or go to Direct site by clicking HERE.

Information marketing

The next  source of affiliate marketing is Information marketing. This kind of marketing is usually provided from individuals and  bloggers, or such as any other information provider. The information marketer avail more commission than other type of marketing. You will get 30% to 50% commision on information products. Because information product are high in price and they don’t have much more production expenses.Therefore they have to earn highly profits and give high percent of commissions to an affiliate marketers.

Service marketing through amazon affiliate program

Many people are offering their professional services online. You may become their marketer. Get them an order and earn a commission in return. You can promote the service they are providing to earn money. You can get 15 percent to 30 percent commission on service marketing. It also may be depends on the type of service. The main benefit of affiliate marketing to service is they are a recurring type. For example, you will promoting to a website developer and any time the customer makes to an order with him, you will get commission.

Why choose Affiliate Marketing

And the end, Affiliate marketing is more beneficial than another type of monetization. For example, if you will want to work on an Advertisement which is more widely type of earning online, you will allocate a space for your website or blog to those ad.The passage of time users are also becoming most  intelligent and using a Adblock type. Views per post is also another hard line. On the other hand affiliate marketing is provide to you instant earning with lots of  benefits. The only thing to that always keep in mind that to work wisely. Enjoy happy Earnings with amazon affiliate program.

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