How-to-Make-Yourself-Beautiful-and-Attractive-Naturally 2020

How to Make Yourself Beautiful and Attractive Naturally

How to Make Yourself Beautiful and Attractive                                            Naturally

How to Make Yourself Beautiful and Attractive Naturally

How to Make Yourself Beautiful and Attractive Naturally

In this article we will talk about how to look beautiful and attractive. I will highlight some beauty tips for you that will help you to look beautiful overnight. In this article I will also try to tell you different skin care tips that you can use to have a natural look and by following these tips you can become beautiful overnight.Now i will tell you that How To Make Yourself Beautiful And Attractive.

Beauty Tips for ladies:

Okay so here we start talking about the tips first of all you need to have a healthy body and you should have any activity in which you could involve yourself in order to get the beautiful face.

  1. Yoga



This is necessary thing for all the ladies to do yoga it helps you to get a perfect body shape as well as it will be very helpful in making you internally strong. You need to be physically strong first because if you are physically ill then you might not have any kind of interest in having beautiful face. You can join any yoga academy in order to make yourself internally strong.

  1. Morning walk


Many ladies don’t do walk or jogging and that’s why they are becoming the patient of obesity, and because of obesity they are more likely to be involved in more diseases. So they should do walk in morning that will help them to maintain themselves and their bodies.

  1. Exercises  


Some people especially ladies don’t do exercises; they mostly ran away when they heard someone talking about exercise. This is detriment for you not for anyone else. Many women say that they look after their house so that is a great exercise for them but they don’t know that this is not the exercise this is their work. Exercise is different thing from household work. They should do morning exercise; stretch their bodies in order to make their veins to work properly.

  1. Complete Sleep

You should sleep well, take complete rest so that your health will be good by taking a complete 8 hours sleep don’t exceed more than 8 hours. Otherwise you will be lazy and you won’t be able to do any work and this will become your habit of sleeping.


Another thing that women don’t bother is the intake of food. Here I will mention the food or you can say a diet plan for the ladies who are so sluggish in the matter of eating. When you will make yourself involved in the exercises walk or yoga you will automatically need food.

  1. Juices intake

Juices should be made in homes so that they will be fresh and will be energetic for you if you really want to have a beautiful body or face then you need to do exercises because exercise helps you in sweating and sweating is necessary for the bodies because it burns the calories, after exercise you should drink juice as it will help you in maintaining the cholesterol level in your body.

  1. Drink water

Many ladies don’t drink water that much. They only drink it when they are thirsty. This is wrong you should drink water more and more so that all the dangerous substance will excrete out of the body in the form of urine or sweat. So you must drink as much water as you can in a whole day. Water is essential in making your skin beautiful and in making you strong. Water prevents you from the sudden injuries.

  1. Drink milk

You should drink two glass of milk everyday. This will help you to become strong and milk will help your skin to glow fast and you will look beautiful when you will drink milk so try to drink milk minimum two glasses in a day.It is necessary that to make yourself beautiful and attractive to drink milk.

  1. Eat salads



You should eat salad more then roti or curry because salads are very energetic and will help you in glowing your skin. As it have all the essential things that are required by the skin to get glow. Many women don’t eat salad because they don’t find it tasty. They will love to eat the pizzas burgers and many other fast foods instead of salad.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

Intake of fruits and vegetables should be more than the fast foods because this is natural requirement of your body in order to get a good physical and mental health. Try to eat as much fruits as you can or make milkshakes or you can make a fruit cocktail. Vegetables should also be eaten more and more.

  1. Cut the sugar

Stop eating all the things that are made or consist of sugar because sugar will make your body fat. It contains many diseases either in it so you must not eat sugar or things made by sugar. You can eat it when you have done so many workouts because that time body needs to balance the sugar level in your body.

Mentally fitness is also necessary for the skin beauty or you can say that for the beautiful body because sometimes you need to relax your mind and have to give attention towards your skin or your body.

  1. Keep yourself happy

You have keep yourself happy no matter whatsoever the issue is or you are going through, you should keep yourself happy and satisfied you should know that what is best for you and what is worst for you so keep yourself calm and love yourself.

  1. Confidence

You need to have confidence on yourself. Confidence is one main thing that will help you to be yourself. If you want to make yourself beautiful then you should have confidence on your thinking and on yourself that yes you can do this or you can achieve whatever you want to.

  1. Seek wisdom

You need to develop your inner wisdom as it will spread out beauty and blessing to everyone around you. As much wisdom you have you will be called beauty with brains by the people surrounding you because only beauty is not worthy unless you don’t have the wisdom inside you.

  1. Positivity

Welcome the positive things and eradicate the negativity from your mind. You need to think positive as it is necessary to have a positive attitude or thinking. Don’t accept the negative things try to make yourself relax and try to accept the behavior of people and take it easy.

  1. Express gratitude

You should express your gratitude as it will help you to get closer to your family friends or relatives. You can send them cards or gifts in order to show them your love for them. This is the main thing that you should do for your relatives, family and friends in order to make yourself happy. You will feel good when you will show gratitude towards your family.

Now I will tell you that how you can make yourself pretty.

  1. Bath everyday

You should bath everyday and keep yourself fresh, because body needs to get some relaxation too and you get it by cleaning yourself and your body.


You should bath and clean your teeth so that there shouldn’t be any germ or bacteria inside your teeth.

  1. Use moisturizer on your skin  


You should use a good moisturizer on your body and face everyday even if you have an oily skin. You can use any kind of moisturizer on your skin all you need to know that which company of the product will suit you the best you can’t use any random product it may harm your skin.

  1. Keep your nails clean

You should clean your nails daily and you should trim them because your nails got dirty soon as you go somewhere or you eat something so you need to be very careful and you should clean them on daily basis.

  1. Use a good deodorant

Perfumes and deodorants can be used too, because when your body sweats it leaves smell on your body and sometimes you are outside the home so you can’t take bath so for that situation you can apply deodorant on your body.

  1. Improve your posture

It’s hard to imagine and it seems weird when you look slouching. You should practice sitting with your back straight against a chair and walking with your chin parallel to the ground. It will make you look more confident and attractive.


You can wear light makeup on your skin to look more attractive and beautiful. The above ways that are mentioned were the ways to make you healthy physically and mentally so that when you will be physically and mentally fit you will than deal yourself and will love yourself so I will tell you that how you can look attractive and how your beauty can give a natural look.

  1. Foundation

Foundation or base stick is available on every medical and cosmetic stores you can buy foundation that will be according to your tone that will be matching with your tone. There are many brands that are selling a good foundation creams available. Try to use good product on your skin. When you will apply foundation on your face, your face will glow and it will look fair.

  1. Eye liner, eye lashes and eye shades

You can then apply eye liner on your eyes. Eye liner will give a shape to your eyes that will help you to make your eyes more broad and beautiful. You can apply eyeliner according to your eye shape. You can also put artificial eye lashes on your natural lashes in order to make your lashes visible. Eye shade can be put on your eyes in order to make your eyes beautiful and attractive.

  1. Lipstick

There are many shades available in lipsticks you can apply lipstick on your lips of any color that you feel that it will suits you. So apply lipstick on your lips and try to make yourself more attractive. You can use lip glose too for your lips to look natural and beautiful.

  1. Nail polish and artificial nails

You can also make your hands to look more beautiful by applying nail paints on your nails and if you want to do some nail art on it you can also do nail art on it. You can also use artificial nails that will enhance the beauty of your hands.

  1. Long hair

Long hair looks more beautiful and looks attractive.if you don’t have long hair so start oiling and you will find that your hairs are growing. Use oil twice a week that will help you in growing your hair and making them strong.

  1. Hair styles and hair color

If you have long hair or short hair so don’t worry you can make different styles of your hair french braid straightening curling and many other hairstyles according to your face and your hair can be made. Make different hair styles so that your hair will seems attractive to everyone. You can also color your hair according to your own choice. This will make you look more and more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Sun block

You should protect your skin from sun by applying sun block on your skin that will help you in protecting your skin from the rays of sun that is harmful for your face because it sometimes burns your skin and it can affect your tone either.

Accessories Hack

Sometimes your beauty have no worth if you don’t have style of wearing clothes and accessories. So to make yourself look adorable and bold you should have a good collection of clothes and accessories.

  1. Branded clothes

You can wear branded clothes that are going on with the trends and that are available on every stores. You should have a good sense that which clothe will look good on you and will attract anyone. So try to make your choice good and try to wear good branded clothes.

  1. Hand bags and shoes

Buy a good branded hand bags for yourself and you can wear it according to matching of your clothes. You can attract anyone by using a good quality of handbags or purse or clutch matching with your clothes. Shoes must be according to the type of cloth you wore. Buy such shoes that looks good on your feet.

  1. Rings, earrings, necklace etc

You can also wear rings that will look good on your hands and some earrings that will be matching with your clothes so that it will look attractive on your ears and you can also wear matching necklace.

Some more points that I will like to add that are

  1. Don’t compare yourself with other

You should not compare your beauty with others don’t think that you are not fair or that other girl is more beautiful then you just try to accept yourself as it is as you are because you are beautiful and you just need to take care of yourself otherwise you are beautiful.

  1. Smiley face

Try to make yourself happy and calm. Smile is best medicine for everything so smile and make sure that when you smile you have no thoughts going on your mind because everyone’s smile is attractive and when you will smile all by heart you will be attracted by everyone.

  1. Take sweet selfie

You can also take sweet selfie on your phone and you can upload it on social media if you want to upload because you will by this way start loving yourself when you are being complimented by everyone, your friends and family.

  1. Speaking style

Your tone should be very much polite and in fact you have to use a good speaking manner because the way you speak to anyone will show that how much you have etiquette. You should speak politely and humbly.







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