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How to Become a Successful YouTuber And Earn Money


How to Become a successful youtuber and earn money


A Lot of people knows how to become a youtuber. It is a most glamorous job people want to do to earn online. Every person working online wants to become a youtube star. If you want to become a youtuber and make money online then you are at right place. Hold on your seat guys and read how you can become youtuber step by step.   In this article, I will tell you how to become a youtuber and get paid. I will tell you that what do you need to become a youtuber.

Follow the steps written below and become a youtube, youtube gamer even professional youtuber.


  1. Choose your career

the first step how to become a youtuber Let me tell you one thing to keep in mind that youtube is not only a part-time job. It may become a successful professional career for all of your life. There are youtubers out there who are earning millions of dollars yearly. Last year a Swedish video game vlogger earned $12 million and raised the eyebrows of many youtube critics. He is not the only one earning millions, there are thousands of examples. You can be one of them. So start your career as youtuber. Luck, patience, hard work, steadiness, and ability plays a vital role toc.


  1. Be serious, never take it easy

If you are choosing youtube as your part time enjoyment than you will never get the required results. Willingness is very important to be successful youtuber. Be serious, do not take it an easy job. You should have to work and dedicate your precious time to youtube otherwise youtube will only become a child play for you. You may get handsome amount of money but never become youtube star.


  1. It may cost you to become a youtuber initially

Becoming a youtuber is not a free job. You may have to spend plenty of money at the start. A good quality Computer or laptop is needed with some extra specifications. Some other expenses like of camera, microphone, and editing software are also involved. You should be well aware of all these expenses.


  1. Choose your Genre

Before getting started, you should select the genre of your channel. Genre actually is your field of expertise. You should be more specific while choosing your genre. Avoid generalization. Choose a specific topic. Look at the hobbies of your common life. What are you interested in, what topic do you like the most? What is your field of expertise? Try to get the answers to these questions honestly. Your answer is your genre. Below are some genres the successful youtubers use mostly.


  1. Vlogging

Vlogging includes some real-life pranks and stunts. Some vloggers love to choose comedy as their topic of vlogging. Vlogging actually is video blogging. As the name states that these are personal type videos. Your ideas are most important to create these type of creative videos. Vlogging has the potential of monetization therefore adopted by many youtubers.


  1. Technology

It is a most important genre to earn money. Monetizing the technology genre gives lots of money. Actually, it is the best field to earn money online. But it is also hard to work topic. You should have to produce best quality latest technology news videos to become a youtuber.


  • Gaming

Many people who want to become a youtuber also wanted to know how to become youtube gamer. Gaming has many sub-topics. People love to watch other people playing games, therefore, you may record your gaming experience as video and post on to your channel and earn money.


  1. Education

People come to youtube to know about some specific fields or they want to know how to do the things right. All the know-how and how-to’s videos are included in education. You should be consistent to chose this field. Do not betray your viewers. Your content should accurate and more specific.


  1. Create a youtube channel

Now its time to practically become a youtuber. Once you are serious and have chosen your genre, you should go for some practical work. Creating a youtube channel is not difficult. You should have a Gmail account or login information of google. Go to youtube site. Log in your account and click on to create new youtube channel. You should have some youtube channel art to post on it.

  1. Select channel name according to the genre

The name of your youtube channel should be according to the genre you are working on. It should be self-explanatory like if you are working on how to type videos, you may choose the name of the channel as “How to do simply” etc.


  1. Create channel art

Channel art is like the flex advertisement of your business. Youtube requires a specific type of diets for different fields. For example, if you are creating cover photo than you should have to choose the photos with greater widths and quality. For a logo chose low dimensional pictures. Again remember your channel art should also explain your filed.


  1. Download software

Youtube videos editing is very important. You should have to download some software to do the work properly. There are few video editing software available for free. But I will advise you to purchase a pro version. It will help you to become more professional youtuber. Camstasia and total video converter type software are best for video editing.


  1. Screen recording

It does not matter that which type of videos you are creating for your audience, you will have to download a screen recording software. Especially the youtuber who creates how-to type videos need it. do not rely on built-in software they lack the specialties required for proper recording.

  1. Know your audience

Before creating videos with above software, you should keep in mind the target audience of your videos. It is a very important factor to become a youtuber. Money comes from advertising. Adult users know to skip these type of ads, therefore, they will not be beneficial to you. But you can try an alternate. Introduce donate button for these type of audiences. You should create videos keeping in mind the interests of your audiences.


  1. Make videos

Making videos is very important step of how to become a youtuber Here comes the final practical part. You have already downloaded the editing software. Create videos with the help of this software. Make videos as much as you can. your content is most important. Search before making every video. Write down the purpose and work on it accordingly. Your goal should be making videos, and make more videos.


  1. Create intro and outro for your channel

As I stated earlier that your channel name and art is a brand for your audience. Create intro and outro for your brand. Include both of these at the start and the end of every video. Your intro and outro should not be more than 2 or 3 seconds. Otherwise, the viewer will get annoyed and will leave the video at the start. There are plenty of free templates available for free online. You may use them.


  1. Ask for subscribing

Include the subscribe invitation in your intro and outro. If you are creating long videos than you may also include a flash message in between the video to subscribe. Your subscriber is your precious asset. They are key to earn money. Every channel is considered worth watching if it has subscribers.


  1. Gain views

Youtube is all about views per video. No view no money, few views no money, thousands of views thousands of dollars. Keep in mind the rule and work to gain views. Copy the link of the video and spread everywhere specifically where the content of the video is concerned. The more views you get the more steps you take towards earning money.

  1. Make a website to promote your channel

Many youtubers make websites to promote their channel. You may look for sub-domain if you not willing to pay for a website. Post latest videos on this website. Provide links to your youtube channel. Direct viewers of the website to your channel.


  1. Monetize your channel

The monetization of videos is a key part to earn money. If you have Adsense account than embed it with your channel. Common advertisers look for views per video. Please keep in mind that youtube and google Adsense both have the mechanism and algorithms to track any irregularities and illegal ways of gaining views. Therefore never try to go for these type of illegal ways. Concentrate on your work and work hard with honesty and fairness. Otherwise, you will be blocked and never become a successful youtuber.


  1. Think how you can earn

There are many ways to earn. Once you have 1000 subscribers, sign up to some ad-networks. Advertisers will contact you to place their ads on your videos. You will earn money per view in return. You should try to match the advertisers and your audiences. your video should look more like the ads embedded in it.


  1. Look for sponsorships

Many companies offer sponsorships. Look for them online and try to get one. Influence marketers and sponsors are looking to sell their products. Market their products by your videos and earn money at a fast pace. Become an influencer marketer for their products. Remember you should have at least 1000 plus subscribers to be an influencer marketer.


  1. Use emotional titles and thumbnails

The title of your video should be specific to the content but make it emotional and appealing. At first glance, the title lures the audience. The contrast of title and thumbnail is very important. Thumbnails should be revealing to its content. Use custom made thumbnails and pictures to lure the audiences.


  1. Carry on

Last but not the least, never be disappointed by initial failure. Carry on making videos until you get success. Consistency, willingness, hard work, and patience are very important qualities you should have to become a youtuber. It may take months even years to be a successful youtuber star but once you reach the stand, you will earn the rest of your life and will forget all other earning activities.

So these are the points to become a youtuber. Feel free to ask any question if you have in this regard.

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