How To Be Happy person and happy life 40 Different Ways


How To Be Happy person and happy life 40 Different Ways


There are a lot of ways to find how to be happy 40 different ways in your daily life ? in this tips i am trying to highlight some solutions which you can follow to make yourself happy. Well this is easy to become happy and to find happiness. If you facing trouble life then read below happy ways and how you can be a happy person again. This article is helpful for those people too who want to be happy all the time in their life. You will find that how you can become happier and positive person that everyone loves you.

Well this is the simple thing but unfortunately we have never focused on our lives and we never understand the strategy of life we never understand the rules of life. Happiness is an art of life, but this is the myth that “when anyone laugh too much he or she have to cry the most afterwards” and because of this thing people have fear and this is why they don’t share their happiness and they even don’t live happily.

how to be happy Many people have fear that if they will share their happiness with anyone their happiness will be afflicted by the evil eye  and this is why they don’t share their happiness it’s because our mind have accepted the negativity. Everyone is frightened inside. Everyone doubt on the people who do anything right for them. This is the fear that is built inside ourselves and just because of this fear we don’t believe on anyone. Just try to find happiness everywhere by excluding negativity from your mind.

  1. Face Expression – for how to be happy

1st tip how to be happy Your face is an open book and your face expressions can show that what’s going on your mind. Face have 125 muscles excluding tongue, it doesn’t matter that you have to express anything from your tongue. You can express your feelings by your face. So try to make happy face or smiley face. It will be helpful for you. So try to keep yourself happy by making smiley faces.

  1. Happy on your fate – for how to be happy

2nd tip how to be happy The most important thing is to be happy on your fate. Some people aren’t happy on their fate and they blame their fate for everything so first of all stop blaming your fate. And some people start comparing their fate with others fate, this is why people don’t get happy so don’t try to compare your fate with anyone else just try to be happy in every situation. These situations can be in any form even if you are poor or rich you need to find happiness in your life, your happiness doesn’t depend on the money.

  1. Feeling of gratitude – for how to be happy

3rd tip how to be happyYou should have feeling of gratitude and this means that you should try to be thankful for everything. Just make yourself happy in every single situation. Many people we met say that they have this issue or problem with their life this is why they are not thankful for what they are and for what they have. When you have feeling of gratitude automatically you accept your fate and you find yourself the happiest person.

  1. Relations – for how to be happy

The most important thing that will help you to be happy is to value and respect your relations either it is of blood of friendship just try to value them. Try to make you relatives happy for the sake of your own happiness. You will surely find happiness when you will indulge yourself in the blood relations. You should try finding ways to make your relationship strong by doing something for them.

  1. Happy marital life

5th tip how to be happy For your own happiness you should have happy marital life and you can have happy marital life when you respect your wife or husband and when you will value each other. This is so important for every person to have a good relation with wife or husband. Try to express your love for your wife or husband. By saying few words of love you can give happiness to your partner and this will be helpful for the fruitful relationship.

  1. Learning

When you love to gather information and you love to search and seek information then automatically you will find happiness because when you try to seek knowledge you come close towards the nature and your love for nature become more and more so try to learn as much as you can. Learning is very important thing for happiness.

  1. Forgiveness

7th tip how to be happy The most important thing that will make you happy is in forgiving people. When you forgive someone it means that you have a great heart that is full of love. You should know that by forgiving someone you will come closer to your Lord. He will be happy that you have done something good for His creature. Forgiveness is something that Lord likes the most. So by forgiving someone you will also feel happy.

  1. Travelling

8th tip how to be happy Travelling is something that will help you to get yourself attached with the nature and will make you happy. When you have love for nature then you will travel and you will want to find the beauty around. This will give you motivation and this is best way to make yourself happy and to get indulge in the natural happiness. Travelling is so important for everyone if you really want to make yourself happy.

  1. Believe in Lord

You should have believe in your Lord that whatever the situation is He will never leave you alone in any situation as He is your best companion of life so trust  Him and you should have fate in Him. Don’t say it by your tongue that yes you believe in God try to practically believe Him. Your life will become easier then.

  1. Don’t hurt anyone

10 tip how to be happy Just try to make everyone happy and this doesn’t mean that you need money to make anyone happy. No, you should have positive feelings for everyone. Don’t make fun of people and don’t hurt anyone because when you will hurt someone internally you won’t feel good too and you will not be happy so don’t hurt anyone just because you are hurt.

  1. Unconditional love

When you give someone love or when you do something good for others so don’t except anything from them because this is will not worthy for your own self. You won’t feel good when you start excepting from people. Just try to give unconditional love and do it for your own self then you will be happy. Do it for your own happiness for your own sake.

  1. Set an intention

Everyone have some intentions in their lives and they follow their dreams by working day and night for it but have you ever heard or ever did that anyone have the intention to make themselves happier person or love themselves? Well you should have this aim in your life that you will enjoy your life no matter what ever the situation you are facing or whatever you are going through.

  1. Find reasons to be happy

You can find happiness by doing something good for people around you. By sharing love you can have the happiness and by helping someone by not accepting it from them can make you feel happy. So try to love everyone and help everyone even they are strangers or your relatives. Once you will do something good for people you will find freshness and happiness in your heart and soul.

  1. Exercise more

Lots of studies showed that doing exercises or involvement in games can change your mood and can make you feel good. No matter how much you have worries or how much you have tensions when you do exercise your mood will change automatically. Try to do work out and make yourself easy and relax.

  1. Positive

15th tip how to be happy You should have positive thinking because positive thinking will let you love people and bring happiness for them. So try to think positive as much as you can and try to exclude negativity from your mind because negativity is the main root of sadness. When you see the faults in someone’s life you automatically start hating them and that’s why your perception for the world remains the same that everyone is mean.

  1. Try to make yourself perfect

Don’t compare yourself with other people because when you compare yourself with someone than automatically you will be degrading yourself and this will make you sadder. This is why you need to think that you can do better than anyone and you have the same ability as other have. You only need to search good things inside yourself.

  1. Focus

Don’t let things just to pass on easily from your life, try to practice mindfulness and it means that you need to concentrate and pay full attention towards the current moment and try to accept it in a non-decisions movement. Don’t judge anyone. And don’t label someone that they are bad or they have something that you hate the most try to find positive thing in the people.

  1. Sleep well

tip how to be happy You should need to get the healthy sleep for the sake of reducing negativity from your life because when you sleep well then your mind will be able to get fresh vibes from everyone and you will try to accept the people’s behaviour with everyone. Mostly students have this issue that they don’t sleep well because of the pressure they have from their family and studies too. So they lead towards depression.

  1. Help others

You need to take out of some time for the people to whom you can help and this will be very helpful for your own happiness. Because by helping others you will be able to make yourself mentally happier. When you dedicate some time and money for the needy people this will affect on your own happiness.

  1. Live your own life

20th tip how to be happy You should live your own life by focusing on the thing that you will not get life again and again once you are dead everything will be finished. So try to focus on the happiness of your life. But not hurting anyone other for your happiness.

  1. Reduce complications

Life is so simple and it have no rules but you have make your life complicated by so many thoughts so just try to be positive and don’t think so much. Over thinking can give your life a stressful phase so try to live a healthy life without having depression and without making your life much complex.

  1. Balancing is best

You should know that how you can balance your life. If you are facing problems then don’t let them involve that much in your life that you won’t be able to get out of it. Try to be happy with your problems because once you will able to learn to overcome the problems by living happy you can become the happiest person.

  1. Make new friends

You should make new friends and try to share your feelings with them try to share your happiness and give them all of your love and attention you will then find that people who are near to you will help you in having happiness try to make those people your friends with whom you feel yourself comfortable and you think that they are exactly of the same nature like yours. So make new friends and add them to your happiness.

  1. Sharing

sharing doesn’t means that you have to share your money or your wealth it means that you should share your love with people with your friends and family so that you can proof yourself relaxed and tension free.  By doing something good for the people who are in your surroundings will help you to get inner peace.

  1. Don’t put yourself in race

It means that you don’t have to think about people around you is having a great job but you don’t have a good job so you start working hard and start giving tensions to yourself and your family to achieve the same thing as you have seen in other person. Don’t put yourself in the race otherwise you won’t be able to get the happiness in your life.

  1. Extra activities

Try to take out some time from your busy schedule and try to involve yourself in the extra activities so that you will be able to relax your mind and soul. This is so compulsory for all of us to make ourselves mentally relax. So involve yourself in the activities like outing, watching different programs, reading or writing and many more.

  1. Make your hobbies

If you are interested in doing something like if you are interested in reading books so make it your hobby so that when you have a free time you can read books like novels magazines extra.  So make some hobbies to make yourself calm and peaceful. This is indeed necessary for everyone to indulge themselves in hobbies.

  1. Watch tv shows

You can also watch some tv shows you can watch some dramas or if you don’twant to be depressed than you may watch some funny movies or shows. All you need to relax your mind and not to think on the unnecessary things so for that purpose you can go for watching TV and this is the best idea to make yourself happy.

  1. Share your feelings

It become more difficult when you start ignoring your feelings by thinking that what will others think about you or what other people will say about you. So don’t hesitate while sharing your feelings or thoughts. Mostly people think that now they are grown up so they don’t express their feelings like if they want to cry or sometimes they want to behave like a child they don’t do so because they have fear of the society.  Don’t hesitate don’t shy don’t think and don’t fear about what people will say just share your feelings.

  1. Spend time

Sometimes people are so busy in following their dreams that they don’t  even bother that they have a family with whom they can spend their time so for those people just to get out of the world of race and to get out of the tensions you really have to spend some time with people around you like spend time with your family and old people of your home.  When you will listen to them you will find happiness inside yourself.

  1. Alone

Don’t live alone. Be in gathering, try to involve yourself in gatherings because when you are alone you are surrounded by different negative thoughts that harms you alot. So try to indulge yourself in your family. Visit to relatives and friends. Share your thoughts with them you will going to feel much better by doing this thing.

  1. Thoughts

You shouldn’t think so much or worry about your future that what will happen next. How, when, why, where are the questions that are the main root of sadness. You should believe on God and you should thanks him for everything just try to think good so that you will have good. Don’t over think it will make you mentally ill and physical ill too.

  1. Don’t degrade

When you start comparing yourself or your children with others children or with other people, you then degrade yourself and this is why you can’t even get out of negativity around you.  Don’t compare your childres don’t compare yourself. Nature has given a power to everyone so you just need to utilize that power in a good manner without degrading yourself or your children.

  1. Don’t doubt

Don’t doubt on anyone even they are from your family or friends or anyone don’t doubt on them because doubting is one of the great negative factor inside a human that ruin him badly.  When you doubt someone you are full of negativity and that’s why you become mentally unstable because of keep on doubting people.

  1. Set your achievements

When you are free from everything like you don’t have something to do so start setting a goal or ambition in your life that you have to do this thing and you have to work hard for this thing because when you set a goal automatically you start utilizing your thoughts and power in fulfilling your goals of life.

  1. Reading

Reading books is a very good hobby or activity for everyone. When you read books you comes close towards the people. You came to know about the world around you. That world is full of mystery and when you start reading books magazines or any encyclopedia book your mind is then able to solve those mysteries. So read as many books as you can.

  1. Don’t give up

Sometimes in fact mostly people don’t get what they dream for and sometimes when they are working hard they don’t achieve those things that they wanted to achieve so in that case they give up. They shouldn’t give up they should keep on trying and make it their own destination or fate. So stop giving your dreams up and work more hard to achieve what you want to achieve.

  1. Healyour traumas

Sometimes people don’t heal their past traumas and they start living their lives under that traumas. And this lead them towards depression and that is why they are unable to live an happy life. So you shouldn’t make your self a depressing person to gain sympathy. Just make yourself an happy person by getting out of the traumas.

  1. Ownyourself

It means that when you start excepting yourself the way you are then you will be able to get happier life. Don’t compare your personality your body your face or your achievements with anyone else. Just try to accept yourself the way you are the way you live the way you look.

  1. Have deep meaningful conversations

Talk to your friends discuss about the issues or discuss about the things that are going on these days. By debating and by talking about meaning-ful things you can share your thoughts and feelings. That will be helpful for you because things you will share with your friends and family will relax your mind and will make you able to have patience and acceptance.


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