How to Be a Good Student

How to Be a Good student.It’s truly said that God helps those who help themselves. You will don’t succeed until that time when you don’t sincere with yourself and with your future. Because success is everything in your life and our life totally depends on the success. Success is a part of our life to finding a great success in life you have

. For this purpose you must follow all these steps that will be helpful for you.

Word “Excellence “what is it.

Excellence does not mean that to get high marks in the exams.

Excellence does not mean that you will prepare your work regularly.

The word “Excellence” is to make decisions and proof it.

Excellence is a word to build confidence and raise hands in the class for asking any question without any hesitation.

“Excellence “means that to show courage and passion.

It’s Excellence which we don’t accept. We have to accept only the ability of high marks in the exams.

Today we will discuss some authentic rules that will be most beneficial for you if you are a student.Now we are discuss about how to be a good student.

So keep follows all the mention points one by one carefully.


It is the first step of  a quality student to attend all the classes regularly without any excuses. Because if you will miss/leave the class then you will have miss all the important lectures that will be very helpful for you.


If you want how become a smart student and successful student then you will be regular. You will attend your classes regularly and achieve you goals easily as it possible soon.

Hard Work:

Hard work is the basic term that a student has to do. Because if you will not do hard work you will may be miss the achieving goals. It’s very important that hard work is very necessary for getting success.

Sincere Yourself

Sincere with you first then nothing will be impossible. You will not become successful until that time when you will be sincere yourself. It is the basic thing for making success in every field of life. So be sincere with yourself first.

Respect Your Teachers:

It is the first step of success to respect your teachers. When you will give respect to your teacher then you will become successful man in the future.

Keep Discipline:

Those students who always keep discipline in the class they will become a great personality in future and making his decision without any tension.

Test Preparation:

To become a successful student you will prepare the test and also study whole time then success is possible. It is also a great source to become a good student in the class.

Asking Questions in the Classroom:

Asking question in the class is very necessary because if you will ask question it will increase your knowledge ability and also raise confidence. Therefore you will learn and gain something. So it is very important for every student to ask question in the class room.

Reading and Writing Skills:

Reading your lesson carefully and attentively then write your own words and after match it with book. After this clear mistakes and rewrite again. It will improve your knowledge as well as your ability.

You have also good command on writing and write again and again. By doing this your writing speed will be increase and you will attempt your paper quickly. Because if your writing speed is fast then you will don’t miss any question and get high mark in the examination.

Now we know that student plays an important role in our life because we don’t develop without  the students. Students must follow all these rules to become a good student. They also focus their study and also creative mind then will make strong nation as well.

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