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How To Avoid Diabetes Naturally 20 Techniques

In this Article i will show you How To Avoid Diabetes Naturally 20 Techniques. A lot of people around the world who are affected by diabetes. It is a chronic disease. It causes blindness, heart disease, and even kidney failure. Once affected by diabetes, it is impossible to get rid of it. But it is possible to avoid diabetes. In this article, I will tell you how to avoid diabetes, how to avoid diabetes if it runs in your family, how to prevent diabetes naturally both type 1 and 2. Read carefully and follow all the standard rules and exercises to avoid diabetes.

  1. Know the risk & How to avoid diabetes

First of all, you should have to know about the risk and how to avoid diabetes . Take the risk assessment test and get to know what stage of healthy life you are. A score more than 12+ means that you are at high risk to be affected by diabetes. Your score should below than 8. There are some companies and foundations providing free assessment online. Go and check it out first to know the risk.

  1. Cut sugar and refined carbsina your daily routine

Eating sugar stimulates your pancreas which produces insulin to reduce sugar in the blood. The more sugar you eat the more insulin is produced in your body. In prediabetic conditions, body cells provide resistance against insulin. In the result, the sugar level increased and the condition is converted to diabetes 2. Refined carbs and sugar are the main causes to increase blood sugar level. Therefore you should avoid using both of these elements causing diabetes.

  1. Control your weight

Weight gaining causes the increase in fats in the abdomen. These fats are main resistors to insulin which leads to diabetes. Therefore control your weight. Regularly check your weight if it is increasing. Manage your weight regularly.

  1. Exercise regularly

Daily exercise controls glucose level. Some physical exercises are helpful in maintaining weight and cholesterol level of your body. Some high-intensity training types physical aerobic exercises reduce the insulin resistance of cells. These types of exercises should be your daily routine.

  1. Drink water as much as you can

Water is a natural beverage. It is the best to substitute for all juices and drinks. Consuming water provides more benefits than you can imagine. Other beverages like soda etc contain sugar and chemicals linked to risk of diabetes. These type of beverages are a major cause of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults shortly called as LADA. Water contains all the elements required to live a healthy increased water consumption leads to better blood sugar control. Therefore you should drink purified water as much as you can.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is not only a bad habit but also leads to some serious type of diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. Some studies have shown the results that smoking and its exposure is linked to type 2 diabetes. The risk of diabetes is reduced to 40 percent if you are a nonsmoker or left smoking. So if you want to avoid diabetes, you should quit smoking.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very important element to reduce the risk of diabetes. Some researchers have claimed that the people who do not have enough amount of vitamin D in their body are at very high risk to be affected by type 2 diabetes. Therefore your intake of vitamin D should at a constant level. The vitamin D supplements help the cells to improve the insulin-producing and reduce the blood sugar level.

  1. Eat fish and cereals

Fish and cereals are major sources of vitamin D., therefore, you should eat them regularly instead of supplement intake. A research shows that daily 2000 to 4000 IU of Vitamin D is optimal to control the sugar level and avoid diabetes. When it comes to weekly dose, the fish can easily provide that weekly need of vitamin D.

  1. Avoid processed food

If you want to live and healthy and diabetes-free life than avoid the consumption of processed food. The processed food contains vegetable oils, refined grains, and some other addictive ingredients. All these elements cause a high risk of diabetes.

  1. Drink Cofee or tea

Water is considered to be a primary beverage and coffee or tea should be a secondary beverage to reduce the risk of diabetes. Drinking coffee on daily basis reduces the risk of diabetes from 10 to 50 percent. The oxidants in coffee called polyphenyl protect the human body from diabetes.

  1. Green tea

If your are thinking to How To Avoid Diabetes naturally with green tea A study shows that green tea contains a unique oxidant that reduces the release of sugar and increases the insulin sensitivity. Therefore green tea may also be used as secondary beverages with coffee and normal tea.

  1. Eat balanced food

Balanced food is considered necessary to live a healthy life. A balanced diet contains all of the requires elements with proper quantity. None of the elements should be exceeded in quantity with the others. A low saturates and fats free diet is a balanced diet. It should be included in the normal routine.

  1. Reduce Alcohol intake

Alcohol leads to weight gain and weight gain leads to diseases like diabetes. So we can say that alcohol increases the risk of diabetes according to the associative law of discrete math. Alcohol contains triglyceride which increases your blood pressure level. Therefore avoid alcohol intake or at least limit its daily consumption.

  1. Control your blood pressure

Normal blood pressure values for a healthy adult person are 90/110. Regularly check your blood pressure. If it exceeds the limits than try to control by specific means. Sometimes you may have to take some medicine. Consult your doctor to recommend you medication to control blood pressure.

  1. Control cardiovascular diseases

There are many common factors involved in both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Some specific type of physical activities help both diseases. Therefore in order to avoid the risk of diabetes, you should also control and monitor your cardiovascular organs.

  1. Eat slowly

It takes at least 20 minutes for our stomach to send a signal to our mind that it is full of food. So you should eat slowly to reduce the intake of food. Eating fast is a bad habit and leads to gestational problems and stimulation of glucose in our blood.

  1. Use veggie and boiled food

As processed food contains harmful ingredients, a nonprocessed and simply boiled food is best for a healthy life. Vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and proteins. They also reduce the recession of insulin and control the blood pressure. So try to consume as much boiled and veggie food as you can.

  1. Consult your doctor regularly

It does not matter if you are affected by a disease or not. You should consult a doctor periodically for a regular checkup. Your average health condition will clear the position and possible risk of diabetes. Ask for the medication and some cautious diet accordingly. and also How To Avoid Diabetes naturally.

  1. Check the labels on food

Although I have advised you How To Avoid Diabetes naturally the processed and packed food, still if you want to eat or love to eat these type of food than I advise you to please check the label written on it. read amount the quantity of the sugar and other chemicals added to it. Choose food which is not saturated and contains less sugar and salts. This should be your habit if you want to avoid diabetes naturally.

  1. Try different types of fruits

How To Avoid Diabetes As I stated earlier that a balanced diet should be your habit. A technique to have a balanced food is whenever you go for shopping try to buy a new fruit every time. Do not buy same fruit daily. When you use plenty types of fruits it will fulfill all the nutrition needs of your body.

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