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This article is about the healthy breakfast ideas that will be helpful for the reader to lose their unnecessary weight. In this article I will try to tell you about the breakfast recipes or ideas that will be easy to make. This article will be focusing on quick and healthy breakfast ideas that you want to know and by using that ideas you will be able to lose weight as soon as possible. This article is focusing on both the healthy breakfast for men and women. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is the best thing that you should do for the sake of your body and health.

  1. Applesauce pancakes for healthy breakfast

You can start your day by eating healthy breakfast and fresh pancakes. But the pancakes should be grain-free that should be full of apple flavored sauce. You can use applesauce and make sure you have to cook on low heat so that pancakes should be fully cooked without being burned. It is a very light breakfast that will help you to stay light and fresh all day long.

  1. Sweet potato for healthy breakfast

You can also eat sweet potato in your breakfast because sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and it will be helpful in maintaining your calories as the body needs to eat healthy and good food so you can eat it by cooking it and by adding chicken or any other sausages for pork and enjoy.

  1. Avocado and eggs for healthy breakfast

Well this seems so weird that avocado can be used in healthy breakfast but yes don’t feel weird because you can make avocado and eggs for the breakfast by scooping out a bit of avocado then crack an egg into it top with the beef or chicken bacon and then bake it. It will be easily baked and then used to eat.

  1. Kale and mozzarella for healthy breakfast

You can use kale in the healthy breakfast by making it with eggs and mozzarella. For this you all you have to do is to try to make it with creative egg bake with filling eggs and creamy mozzarella cheese and sliced green onion the calcium rich (kale) will become an excellent way to start your morning. This is very helpful for the healthy mind and body.

  1. Spinach and cheese for healthy breakfast

You can make healthy breakfast by baking chicken bacon, spinach and cheese into red capsicum for a dish. This is full of nutrient and this will be able for you to get and healthy morning. You can eat every part of this without thinking that is it healthy or not, yes it is healthy.

  1. Pears with walnut and honey for healthy breakfast

This recipe can be used as a dessert. You can eat it in early morning because they seems yummy when they are made. For this you will have to bake the pears with walnut and honey. Eat it with yogurt or you can use cream of milk to eat it with for healthy breakfast.

  1. Quinoa in breakfast for healthy breakfast

You won’t believe but this is the best healthy breakfast for the people who really want to lose their weight quinoa is a great wheat free starchy grains. It is full of protein. You can make it delicious for your breakfast by adding pecans and applesauce into the baked quinoa.

  1. Banana flax crackers for healthy breakfast

This is not easy to make but this healthy breakfast is full of nutrition and proteins. This is made up of banana and flax seeds. This kind of breakfast is so rich in vitamins and you can make it by mixing banana and flax seeds and then you can top these crackers with your favourite jam or with fruits.

  1. Blueberry pancakes for healthy breakfast

One of the healthy breakfast is blueberry pancake that doesn’t seems healthy by actually it is healthy to eat. This is easy to prepare, it is totally vegan and gluten-free, you can make it by using brown rice flour, cooking oats and flax seeds to achieve delicious pancake texture without grains.

  1. Quesadilla for healthy breakfast

Quesadilla is a tortilla usually a flour tortilla but also sometimes made with a corn tortilla which is filled with cheese and then grilled. But you can make them with peaches, pears and almonds for a sweet and fruity breakfast.

  1. Salmon egg bake for healthy breakfast

Salmon is rich in omega 3 fats from salmon that is helpful for the body needs and that is a very good start for the day. You can make them by baking salmon with eggs and then do topping of your favorite sauce on it and then eat it.

  1. Grapefruit with honey and bananas

You will love to eat this once you will made it with honey and sliced fruit and cinnamon. When you add honey on the grapefruit and cinnamon then it transforms all the citrus into delectable healthy breakfast. Once you eat it you won’t be able to eat simple grapefruit.

  1. Nut butter, banana and chia seed toast

You can make this by using toast with banana sliced on it and then sprinkle chia on it. Chia is rich in vitamins and minerals that is more helpful for the body and for the health so you should try it in your home and eat it in order to get a healthy diet.

  1. Berry and yogurt smoothie for healthy breakfast

You can make a fresh simple and delicious smoothie for the morning healthy breakfast. Blend banana in a juicer machine or berries with adding yogurt into it and then add milk water or any juice for the taste. That is totally on your tastes then let it freeze overnight and then you can eat it in morning.

  1. Egg breakfast with muffins for healthy breakfast

You can eat muffins without sugar. It is simply made by blending eggs with spinach and bacon or cheese then pour the mixture in to the muffins tins bake for 15 to 20 minutes before serving. And then eat it, it’s less time consuming and more powerful diet to eat in the morning.

  1. Chocolate cherry waffles

Well this is the most delicious and loved dish that can be easily made by using chocolate almond butter, whole grains waffles and cherries. Spread chocolate almond butter on waffles and then top it with cherries. This kind of healthy breakfast helps you slim down and can also ward off heart disease and diabetes.

  1. Mango toast

You can add cream of fresh milk on the toast and then slice mangoes on it and add cinnamon or walnut or you can also add nuts on it as for topping this is the best healthy breakfast and is full of proteins and nutrients. Mangoes are full of vitamin C and A and plenty of fiber.

  1. Ricotta swirl

This is a very delicious kind of healthy breakfast that is easy to make and that helps to manage the need of the nutrients in the body because in this you have to mix honey with ricotta and then add papaya and flax seeds on it for garnish or top.

  1. Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Smoothies are a perfect for healthy breakfast go snack any time of the day. You can blend bananas, peanut butter, soy milk, Greek yogurt, honey and a few ice cubes. If this is a morning snack keep it in a tight sealing container and have it when you want to make yourself feel relax and healthy.

  1. Chocolate peanut butter granola apple bites

This is one of the perfect breakfast in apple season. You can cut your favourite kind of apple into wedges and scoop nut butter onto each slice.

  1. Butternut squash and chicken mash

This is something that you should try in your healthy breakfast because it is easily made and it have all the nutrients in it. You will definitely love it in the chicken mash-up. It is flavoured with coconut cream, hazelnuts and fresh orange juice for a truly unique breakfast.

  1. Cauliflower tortillas

You can make cauliflower tortillas easily by adding green onions and tasty substitute. This is the healthy breakfast but you can eat it once a week or once a month because as it is made up of wheat so it is not a light breakfast. It becomes a heavy breakfast with a lot of nutrient.

  1. Blueberry jam

You can make your own blueberry jam in homes, it is so delicious thing that can be made. This is all natural and will help you in getting nutrition and you can also make it without adding sugar in to it in order to stay slim and don’t gain weight.

  1. Flourless pumpkins or pie muffins

You can also make muffins without using flour or oil but you can add many other stuff that you want to add into the muffins, that will be good to eat and will be healthy food for breakfast. This is very light breakfast that you can eat and get a healthy day.

  1. Fried honey bananas

You can make your healthy breakfast sweet and delicious by slicing bananas and adding them on the pan to cook then you can add honey on it and sprinkle cinnamon on it and the eat it. You can eat them solo or serve them over pancakes or you can even add them on the yogurt.

  1. Zucchini, bananas and chocolate chip muffins

You can make these muffins by adding a rich amount of jam and coconut oil, zucchini, banana, whole wheat, flour and brown sugar in to it. So add these chocolate chips without an ounce of guilt.

  1. Ham and cheese quinoa cups

You can make this by adding 2 cups of cooked quinoa then eggs and veggie in to it then you can add cheese and then sprinkle salt and pepper into it. Bake it for 15 to 20 minutes and then you will have your delicious quinoa cup. This is so helpful dish for making your day better and for giving you a good early morning startup.


  1. Paleo breakfast casserole

You can make your breakfast colorful by adding meat and then spinach for a nutritionally dense, healthy breakfast recipe. For the garnish you can add garlic and onion on the dish and make it super delicious. This is very light kind of breakfast to make your day better and healthier.

  1. Shakshuka

This is a traditional dish that is made with combined eggs spinach bell peppers diced tomatoes and chicken sausage for one dish breakfast that will leave you licking your plate. This is so nutritive rich food.

  1. Turmeric eggs

You can get healthy breakfast for your bones and that will be more essential for your body, you can make it by adding turmeric while adding eggs on pan for cook stir them well and then eat it for the best startup of the day.

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