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How to Become A Wedding Planner, Complete Guideline steps

how to become a wedding planner

How To Become A Wedding Planner, Complete Guideline Steps



A wedding planner is a hot job nowadays.. this definitely causing the growing demand for wedding planners.

People know that how to become a wedding planner. They wanted to know that how to become a wedding planner at home. Although there are several institutions offering wedding planner certification course. But you have to pay for it.This article, we will discuss that  how to become a wedding planner for free with no experience. It does not need a any specific qualification for a wedding planner. You will need some practice and you will become a wedding planner very soon.

A wedding planner is also known as wedding organizer or wedding coordinator. They all have same job specification.If you will  become a wedding planner than  you will follow all  these instruction one by one that is on below. Apply wedding ideas and as a planner earn dollars every day.

Seek knowledge, have practice, become a wedding planner

The triangle of success consists of seeking required knowledge and practice it. A future wedding planner should know to décor a function and add the colors in weddings. To get all of this knowledge by following tricks.

  1. Read wedding planning material

Although you are already in and reading this blog to get knowledge but honestly speaking you should try to read and search as much as you can. You will get plenty of knowledge and road map how to become a wedding planner but there are thousands of variations in culture, approach, and other factors. You should know all or majority of these variations.

Reading books,online site articles and also watching  videos to have a too much amount of knowledge on wedding planning. Its not means that you leave this blog.

  1. Online courses for become a wedding planner

You do not have any need to enrol in a paid course for become a wedding planning. Majority of the knowledge is available for free.Now there are so many  websites that are offering free courses of wedding planning.

  1. Attend marriages and help voluntarily

Yes, practice makes perfect. And you should start practising at home. To become a professional wedding planner and wedding organiser you will learn that  how  wedding will taking  place in our culture. Go watch and see yourself the local trends. . Help him to plan his work.this will most helpful for you too much to become a wedding planner.

  1. Becoming a friend in need will give you practice indeed

Ask your friend, if they will requried  any help to organize a functions. If yes, help them. Organise friend parties. Apply unique ideas in these functions and have practice also. A Chinese proverb says “ Journey of thousand miles starts from the first step taken from home”.When you help your friends for organizing their own parties this is  first step to become a professional wedding planner.

  1. Start as a facilitator become a wedding planner

It is very easy to become a wedding planner without actively participating in weddings. But it will lead to career failure.Avoid this before becoming a professional planner, as a facilitator you will participate in weddings. You may offer some of the duties like photography. Catering provider or food provider etc.

By doing this  you will not only earn money but also will get a knowledge of  traditions, and also have a  local planning of weddings.

So this was all about practice. Now we will see how to plan a wedding ceremony. Before reading keep one thing in to your mind that its  very energetic accept of  time saving and cautious job. A single piece of mistake will lead to the whole failure of your career. So focus each and every point written below.

These are the following thing that you will must keep in mind:

Write down your plan

Your plan is a very important thing for success. A  point to point plan of  all function are very necessary. First, prepare your plan for the wedding. How and when what will be done. Note down all the details on the notebook. You will keep in mind that your plan will  be  in the chronological era. It means time should give preference. Not down your events according to time and date. The event taking place first should be written down first with a priority tag with it and so on.

Consult to bridal/groom at must

The consultation will give you a clear picture of the whole event. Your client should be satisfied. To seek his satisfaction consult and take their advice as much as you can. From coloring scheme to the event location and from specified events to general items, all should be finalized by consultation with the Bride or groom to whom you are covering the event.

Do not force, respect the advice

Sometimes your preference may contradict your clients. They may ask you some type of coloring which you do not like. But respect them. Your ideas may be very charming but clients satisfaction is more important. You may hybrid your ideas with the clients but forcing to implement them solely is not a professional behavior. So keep in mind that focus on what your client prefers.

Prepare yourself for a 24-hour job

Let me clear you one thing guys if you are 9 to 5 worker than this profession is not for you. A wedding planner should be prepared to work for 24 hours including weekends. Almost majority of the weddings take place during the weekend. Rest of the week is spent on planning. So it means that this job requires time. Sometimes you may get a call at midnight from your client and you should have to receive it. Late night wedding functions are very common nowadays. So you should be prepared to work for every hour after you take an order.

Be a perfect professional wedding planner

All the events in wedding involve some type of professions. Like photography, catering, coloring etc. you are not going to actively perform all these duties by yourself. But you should have a sound practice of all these works. Otherwise, you will never find out the irregularities taking place during the show. “penny penny” plenty of knowledge of each and everything must be known.

Make relationships with other professionals

You should make a good and sound relationship will all the professionals and servicemen and material providers of wedding function available in the market. This will benefit you a lot. They will serve you on priority whenever you need them.

Do not cross your budget

Do not cross the limit of the budget plan given by your client. You may ask them to increase budget at the planning stage but once you have signed a contract, you should remain below in budget rather assuming that your client will allow spending more.

Now here comes the actual function, the wedding function planning. These are the key factors, variants and parts of the function.


In sub-continent perspective, a wedding function consists of three functions conducted on three different days. Rasm-Hina, Reception/Arrival of Baraat and Walima. In foreign countries, a wedding function consists of one day function. let me call all of these functions as same “wedding day Function”. As all parts need the same type of designing and it is stage designing. Designing a stage describes your innovative abilities. A beautifully elegant and good looking design will definitely make your goodwill and boost your business. You can also check out thousands of stage designs given online or make it your self. It’s up to you. But keep in mind consult your client in this regard.


Search for the local market. Check the catering material yourself. And point out the best available catering provider with cheap rates. If you have a contract with any caterer than it will be more beneficial to you than picking a new one each time. Timing is very important. Calculate at least three to four hours before the actual event.


The decoration of the hall will have a very positive impact on guests. Choose the best flowering available out there. Artificial flowering is common nowadays. But if have natural flower available than use them. They will provide you both fragrance and good looking design at the same time.


Coloring defines your personality and choices. Choose a whole color scheme for one event at a time. It looks ugly when you choose bright colors for carpet but dark for the rest of the design. Try to make combinations. Choose colors according to nature of the event and location of the event. Appropriate and matching colors will have a very good impression and prove your abilities as professional wedding designer.


Sometimes it happens that you choose the best color scheme and best catering but bad lightning give takes all the impression of the wrong ways. Sometimes your designing is not good but lightning makes it perfect. So focus on lightning. A successful wedding designer goes to proper lighting for sure.

Recording the event

Both photography and videography are an integral part of any wedding events. These are the defining moments of the life of any person. Every person wants to record for their rest of the life. Therefore you should make sure that each and every moment of the wedding functions should be photographed and recorded properly. No important moment should be missed. A good quality camera and latest state of the art mixing should be used to record the event.

Now at the end, I will advise to all of you guys that manage the whole event according to its nature and planning. It should have a good start and defining end. Reach before time. Organise each and every aspect yourself. Make sure the quality check. If you want to become a professional wedding planner then you surely should have to focus on each and every aspect written above.

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