Basic Concepts Of Database Management System

Data processing the basic element of any Software application which is not possible without efficient storage of data at hard disk.

For example, you would have noticed at grocery stores that they have a software installed at their computer which is used to read the price tags of the goods and generates the bill for the customers. At back-end the information of For-Sale items in a database and updates the database whenever a customer purchase a good

In this tutorial, you will get the basic information of Database and will learn that how to write the query to interact with the Microsoft SQL Server.

What is a Database ?

Database is actually referred as storage of data is organized and structured way.

Organization of Data

Organization of Data


Database Management System

After getting the familiar with the basic definition of database, a question comes in mind that what is the method through which this organized data can be accessed, created and modified, answer is through Database Management System.

There are multiple Database Management System , few are given below:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2

Since all of these Database Management System store the data in form of tables where different data elements can have relations with each other therefore these are referred as Relational Database Management System.

Short form of Relational Database Management System is RDBMS.

How RDBMS stores the data ?

RDBMS stores data in form of Tables , every table is combination of Rows and Columns.

Example of RDBMS

Example of RDBMS

Different tables of a database can have relationship with each other on the basis one or more columns.

Types of Relationships of Database

There are following types of relationships of database:

  • One to One Relationship : where every single record of a table can have a single relationship in other table.
  • One to Many Relationship : where single records of a table can have multiple relationships in other tables
  • Many to Many Relationship : where one record of a table can have multiple relationships in other table and same like other table can have multiple records in first table.

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