44 Simple Health Tips For Everyone

Today in this article we will briefly discuss the best health tips in Urdu. This article is basically focusing on the good health tips for men, women and kids. I will try to provide you with the health care tips which you can use on daily basis to stay healthy and to maintain your fitness. The tips are natural that you can use in home and that will be able to give a good looking figure and color of your skin. Basically my aim is to give you 44 Simple Health Tips For Everyone. so that you can get a healthier life. This article will be focusing on the natural health tips for everyone.

  1. Eat healthy food

You should eat healthy food because eating healthy food will give make your bones strong and will make you strong internally. Don’t eat unhealthy food because it will be very harmful for the body and for the physical and mental health. When you don’t eat healthy food you are more likely to indulge into the diseases.

  1. Don’t eat sugar

You should know that sugar is the not good for human beings because it affects the heart and it causes many heart diseases so try to eat non sugar things that will be helpful for your cardiac system. A person loves to eat sugar and that’s why they are more likely to have the heart diseases.

  1. Vegetables

Eat green vegetables because vegetables are the best healthy food for human. And this will give you a healthy life. So try to eat vegetables if you want to make yourself strong and if you want to be healthy physically and mentally. Vegetables keeps the body and face fresh and glow so keep using vegetables in your daily routine. Use vegetables as salads.

  1. Don’t eat carbohydrates

Many people think that they get fats on their body when they eat fats. No, actually when you eat carbohydrates your body becomes fat and that’s why you are more likely to get involved in the heart diseases and many other diseases. So don’t eat carbohydrates.

  1. Eat on time

This is the most important thing that people don’t consider the most and that is timing. They eat whenever they are hungry so this is not good as it harms the stomach a lot. Stomach get upsets when you don’t eat regular or don’t eat on time.

  1. Eat fish

You should eat fish twice a week because fishes have the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D. Fish is enriched with calcium and phosphorus and a also a great source of minerals. Fish have so many healthy things it contains so you should eat fishes and get all the minerals that are essential for the health of a person.

  1. Drink water

Water is the essential thing that is required for the body. When you don’t drink water your kidneys don’t perform the functions properly and that’s why you may have the problems of kidneys. And kidney issues are so terrible so try to drink as much water as you can. Or drink juices etc.

  1. Don’t over eat

You should not overeat because when you eat a lot of food in order to fill your stomach your body is then unable to digest all of the food at time and digestion problems may occur when you eat a lot of food. So eat on time with the normal balancing. Eating a lot of food can cause a serious problem for you.

  1. Eggs

You should eat eggs either half boiled or either full boiled eggs because eggs are very important as it provides protein in the body and will help you to get a healthy diet. Eggs should be eaten on daily basis. But make sure eggs shouldn’t be of the farmed hens because they are artificial and they don’t have any benefit for you. It consists of proteins and it have B2 vitamin in it. The white of eggs contains vitamin D and minerals in it.

  1. Drink green tea

You should drink green tea without sugar. Because green tea is very helpful in digestion and in fact it helps you to get a glowing skin and a fit body shape. You should drink green tea or black tea without sugar in it. People usually hate drinking green tea and they even don’t know that how beneficial it is for the body and for the skin.  Green tea is very useful for burning the fats and it also promotes bone health. It has antioxidants and nutrients in it.

  1. Drink milk

You should drink milk as it contains calcium protein, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and many so on. Milk is essential for bones it keeps bones strong and it is helpful to memorize things. You should drink milk because it helps to lose weight. It prevents a body from the diseases.

  1. Olive oil

Use olive oil in your food or you can use olive oil when you are preparing food. Olive oil is as helpful for the body as it contains antioxidants. It prevents heart diseases and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil has many benefits as it is also helpful in killing cancer cells. It keeps the heart young.

  1. Eating nuts

You should eat nuts like almonds walnut etc because nuts are so useful for your heart. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. In fact they are great snack food and even are inexpensive. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and other nutrients.

  1. Processed foods

Try to eat food at its natural state because processed food can be very unhygienic for the body and it will not even provide you any kind of power or health. So you must eat fresh food in its fresh condition.

  1. Junk foods

Many people eat junk food, they are getting so close in eating junk foods and that’s why they are unable to get health. You should not eat junk food because it’s harmful for the body and it affects body very bad. Try to eat healthy food instead of eating junk food. You should know that anything that is in the box is never fresh and is never being healthy.

  1. Steam your vegetables

You should steam your vegetables and reserve them for the use. When the vegetables are steamed then the antioxidant properties of the vegetables are protected. Don’t boil them or microwave them. Steam them so that its freshness will not end.

  1. Eat salads

Try to eat salads instead of eating unhygienic food. Some people don’t eat salads because they don’t have habit of eating salad so just make it in delicious way by adding some sausages in it. By eating salad you will able to get a healthy body. And you will be able to maintain yourself.

  1. Avoid eating in front of TV

You should eat with all of your attention in eating food. Because when you stop paying attention while eating food in front of TV you don’t know that what you have eaten or what you are going to eat. By sitting in front of televisions or computers you get distracted and your all attention is on the TV.

  1. Eating out

Don’t eat things from the restaurants or a hotel because you don’t know that how they make the food and how they cook food are it fresh or is the food have the best quality you have no idea about it so try to eat healthy good and fresh food at homes.

  1. Order grilled meal

Try to order grilled meal when you go outside to eat something because when you go for the curry or biryani you won’t have any idea that how it would be cooked or how the chef made it so try to eat the things that are grilled or that are in Bar B Que form. The more you will go for the oily food the more you will be likely to have health issue.

  1. Avoid fancy drinks

You shouldn’t drink fancy drinks because they are not made with the fresh fruits or their abstracts they are made up of food colors mostly so avoid drinking such fancy drinks that will cause you a very serious health issue.

  1. Get soup

When you go to the restaurants there you can ask them to give you soup because soup is best for everything before eating it is the best appetizer to be used before eating food. So try to have a soup first instead of start eating food.

  1. Eat fruits

You should eat fruits. Fruits fulfill the demand of sugar in your body so you can eat fruits in order to gain some calories but don’t eat sugar because sugar is way too much harmful for the body and for the heart specifically.

  1. Make any routine before sleep

You can make rituals before going to sleep. You may drink milk or you can even read a book before going to sleep. This will improve the quality of your sleep and it will help you to have a good sleep. So if you have a disturbing sleep you can start drinking warm glass of milk before sleeping.

  1. Sleep with lights off

You can sleep while lights are off. Because when you sleep sometimes you get disturbed because of the light you have put on. So this will disturb your sleep and even you will be unable to sleep again or you may be able to get headache or any muscular pain so don’t put lights on while sleeping.

  1. Don’t drink

Before going to sleep you should not drink alcohol or don’t drink any soft drink because when you drink any kind of drink you may get in to a serious condition of your health because health is badly affected when you use such drinks before sleeping even it can cause death. Avoid black drinks such as coca cola Pepsi and many other drinks because it destroy your lungs and it have a very bad impact on your immune system.

  1. Don’t use an alarm clock

Make yourself a habitant of sleeping early and then waking up early in the morning you only have to make your body addicted towards getting a natural sleep at a time and waking up on time. An alarm clock suddenly starts so it may cause a headache problem.

  1. Napping

You should take a nap in the noon after having the meal because nap is so important when you eat in noon. A nap of 15 to 20 minutes is enough for you and your body. It will keep your body and you in a healthy phase so you should compulsory take nap in the noon.

  1. Allow yourself to relax

You should always make yourself in a comfortable zone no matter what so ever the situation is just trying to be relaxed and act according to the situation. Because when you take tensions you are more likely to be indulged in the mental health issues. Be relaxed and try to cope the situation.

  1. Read something new

Life is all about learning and gaining knowledge from everywhere sometimes people are so busy in their routines that they forget to get time for themselves or to explore something new. You should read books magazines and try to be connected with the world. It will make your sense of humor effective and will help you in getting away from negativity.

  1. Learn something new

When you go in a society try to learn their cultures try to learn the traditions of the people try to explore the world around you. And this can be only done if you have the will inside you. Your health will automatically become good if you have the ability of learning because when you are learning something you are actually getting out of the negativity around you. And this helps a lot to stable your mental health.

  1. Write something

When you get angry on something and when you have nothing else to do, sometimes you are unable to share your feelings with everyone so you should try to write something that should be your hobby. Write everyday’s routine because that will help you in staying positive try to write positive as well as negative things about you and this will help you to explore your own self. By doing this you will be able to maintain a good mental health.

  1. Praise yourself

Try to praise your positive thoughts. You should know that doing anything right will be very helpful for you and if you do something good you should praise yourself that yes I have done a good job or else.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is the best thing that everyone should do in order to get relaxed and in order to get you closer towards the nature. You should meditate early in the morning when there is a beautiful wind and a beautiful scenery try to meditate that time because the fresh air in which you will breathe will help your lungs to work properly.

  1. Listen to music

Listen light music when you are outside or when you are sad and when you are alone you have nothing to do. Just try to listen soft music with low volume that should be pleasant for your ears not a terrible voice for the ear drums.

  1. Morning walk

You should go to the morning walks as it is very important because when you go to the morning walk you find a peace in the environment like you can feel the smell of the freshness there that is so essential for the body and mind. To freshen your soul you must visit outside in the parks.

  1. Use natural beauty products

You should take a good care of your skin and face by using the home made natural products like you can use abstract of the fruits on your face and you can also use homemade remedies for the skin. There are so many things that you can made in home in order to get good product.

  1. Be careful of UV rays

When you go outside be aware of the rays of the sun that may affect your skin or it may cause an infection on your skin so try to use glasses when you go outside and if you can’t cover your face you should apply sun block on your face so that the rays of the sun may not harm your skin.

  1. Don’t smoke

Smoking is so dangerous for health so you should avoid smoking because it has a negative effect on your lungs and it may harm your body and it cause death soon. So try not to smoke whatever the thing is just try to make you relaxed by anything else instead of smoking.

  1. Spend time with family

Many people are so much involved in their work that they even forget that they have a family and in that case they are unable to give time to their family and they got mentally so upset. You don’t need to find peace in anything else you should try to talk to your family once so that you will be able to get love and all of your pressure and tensions will be ended.

  1. Tell stories

When you start spending time with your family then you should also give some time to the children try to tell them a story and try to make yourself engaged with the children because children are so loving when you will spend time with them they will make you feel comfort by their talks and stuff.

  1. Act of kindness

For the inner peace and peace of mind you should always act kind towards the people around you. People often are unable to do kindness with the people because they are mentally so upset that they are always harsh and rude towards everyone in that case you should try to be calm and try to act kind towards everyone.

  1. Be positive

Positivity comes when you have a good thinking and when you acceptance of your fate and everything. Things are never right but you have to make them right for your own self. So try to make positive thinking if you want to have a good mental state of mind.

  1. Exercises

You should exercise regularly in order to maintain your body. At least try to exercise for an hour. Exercise helps you to be fresh and to manage your body according to what you want to shape your body. So everyone should do regular exercises for the well functioning of the heart and other body parts.

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