27 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills


27 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills 


Writing is a passion. Words are magic and writers are magicians to play with words. You are a writer and want to improve your writing skills to become a magician of words? Or you simply want to know what are the basic writing skills?

In this article, I will tell you 30 effective ways to improve your writing style. Abiding by all the rules you will improve your English writing skills. There are few points for English writing practice included. I will also state some exercises to improve your writing skills. Follow the given instruction one by one.

  1. writing skills Start from the basics

Every language has some basic rules. These rules should be kept in mind while writing. You should avoid spelling, grammar, and some basic sentence structure mistakes. Start from the basic idea and avoid basic mistakes.

  1. writing skills, Do not take it easy, writing is your job

Some people take it very easy while writing. They think writing is their hobby and they are doing it. Of course, writing is a hobby but while writing thinks as you are on your job. Try to be more focused and attentive while writing.

  1. writing skills, Every writer is a good reader also

To become a writer you should have to read. Read each and everything which supports your writing niche. While reading the other authors you will know that how the other writers write. What is their writing style? And how they accomplished there target.

Read daily newspapers, magazines, blogs and other writing material to get the knowledge of writing. The more you read the more you will step towards a professional writer.

  1. Avoid solo flights, search for a writing partner

There are thousands of mistakes you do but you never came to know because no one pointed them out. Search for a writing partner near you. You can find one from your relatives, friends or even online. Your writing partner will suggest you the improvements in writing and you will cross the bridge with more confidence.

  1. Attend workshops to get knowledge of writing skills

Workshops and seminars are the best way to get the knowledge. They provide you information about latest trends in the field. Professional writers share their ideas and tricks to improve writing. Try your best to attend these workshops to gain knowledge.

  1. Do not hesitate to take concepts from other

Do you want to have your own writing style? It’s ok. But you should take some concepts from other popular writers for your writing. It does not mean that you should plagiarise. Taking the concepts means following the writing approach.

Try to read your favorite writers as much as you can. Take their concepts and basic ideas and styles. Check how they approach towards the basic theme of the story or any other writing. Write down these concepts and approach on to your notepad and try to work on it. This will help you improve your writing skills.

  1. Plan your writing, prepare an outline

Now here come your own writings. Do you have some idea? Write it down. Write an outline of your idea. The outline is very important for any writer. Your outline should consist of some headings and one-liners. From start to the end, your outline is basic structure for your writings. It is possible that sometimes you do not have any idea but still you want to write. It does not matter if you have an idea or not. If you want to write, hold on a pen and start writing a random outline. Ideas will pour instantly in your mind.

  1. Be a good editor before the writer

You should be a good editor of your writings to improve your writing skills. Prepare your first draft and read it carefully. Read it like a third person editor. Note down the mistakes before correcting them. Once you are able to edit your drafts your next writing will be more clear and improved by itself.

  1. Hire an editor

Above I have written that you should try to search for a writing partner. If you have got one then give your first draft to edit. If not then hire an editor. A good editor will suggest your improve writing skills.

  1. Avoid using unnecessary words

Writing with unnecessary words will lead to a lengthy and dumb draft. Avoid using the words which can be eliminated. I.e for good writing skills

It is a huge mistake you have done so far

Instead, you may write this sentence as:

You have done a huge mistake.”

  1. Do not use concentration

We often use concentration instead of full words like don’t for do not and wouldn’t for would not in our speech. But it is a bad habit to write this concentration in writings. Use full words instead for best writing skills.

  1. Avoid using “There is” and “There are” type words

Sometimes we have to point out things by using the “There”. Try to avoid this word as much as you can. i.e

There is a wedding function taking place in the hall

Instead, write:

the hall is holding a wedding function.”

  1. Use active more than passive voice

By default, the sentence structure of English is the Subject-Verb-Object type. This is also called an active voice. For example:

“The house was bombarded by a terrorist”: Passive voice

“ The terrorist bombarded the house.”  : Active voice

  1. Avoid adverbs as much as you can

Adverbs are a key part of any sentences. But you should avoid using these words. Every word that ends with ‘ly may be called an adverb. i.e basically, internally etc for writing skills.

  1. Use simplicity with a simple sentence

Your writing skills should be as simple as it is possible. Use simple words and simple sentences. Using words from thesaurus will make an elegant writer but your readers will be annoyed to read difficult words. Be simple and write simply.

  1. Clear writing leads to a good understanding

Use clear words describing your thoughts. Do not use ambiguous words that confuse the readers. Your readers should understand what you want to say. Clarity becomes with straightforward and specific words.

  1. Be specific, avoid generalization

Using generalized words is a not a good habit. Be specific while writing. Use more specific words than general. i.e

We are more progressive than the elders.”

In the above sentence “progressive” is the general word. You can use a more specific word like developed, intelligent etc.

  1. Using strong words will give strong writing

Sometimes we write some extra words incl. verbs and adverbs to clear the writings but this leads to weak sentences. You should use strong words instead of weak words.

  1. Take it easy, have fun while writing

Above I have said that you should write as you are on job. Now you may think that I am contradicting by saying that have fun while fun. Well, both strategies are correct. They do not contradict each other. Having fun while writing means take it easy. Be what you are. You should feel comfortable while writing. Tense thinking may tend to bad writing. Make your writing more funny to lure the reader’s attention.

  1. Adopt your own style for good writing skills

Your native style of writing is key to your success. You only have to polish it. Reading other authors and taking concepts from other writers should fine-tune your writing. But you native style of writing should not be disturbed. You should have to polish your writing abilities not change it.

  1. Follow the rule WWWT

WWWT means “What you Write is What You Think”. Write whatever you think. This point is also connected to the written above. Express your feelings while writing. Writing your personal feeling will give the clear picture to the reading. Sometimes it is necessary to express your feeling.

  1. Research the subject you are writing

Research is an integral part of writing. It will improve your writing skills and sharpen your writing skills. You should be well aware of the subject you are writing. You should make both online and offline research to get a comprehensive knowledge of the subject than you may write like a professional.

  1. Do not trust on same sources

Every subject needs a research. But this research should not base on the same sources. There are plenty of websites who provide knowledge on each and every subject like Wikipedia etc. if you trust on Wikipedia for research, it is your biggest mistake. Try to search different sources. Many sources on the same subject will give you more authentic knowledge than the same source.

  1. Doing the work is more important than perfection

People want to perfect their work. Some writers spend a lot of time to be a perfect writer but in the end, they come to know that they do not have much time to write. Time has already been given to perfection. So do some research but do not go for the perfection. Remember doing the work is more important than doing it with perfection.

  1. Have a notepad in your pocket

Buy a good looking compact notepad. Whenever you have got an idea write on it. Take it with you everywhere. Ideas may pop out anytime anywhere. Whenever you get an idea about writing on a subject, write it on a notepad.

  1. Never over explain

If You want to explain your thinking on a specific idea, never use same sentences again and again. Do not over explain. Your writing should be more justified than explanatory. Explanation gives clarity but over explaining gives boredom so avoid it.

  1. Write as much as possible

Let me tell you the most important point to improve your writing skills guys. Write, write and write. You do not have any idea in mind still you should write. Write daily, twice a day, thrice a day. Practice will improve your writing on daily basis.

Follow all the above written 27 rules and improve your English writing skills.

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